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We are a referral based business


Painfully Paying Way Too Much For Rent?
We would love to help the ones you love, your friends or co-workers who may be painfully paying way too much in rent in today’s market. We can help them out of the renting cycle by working on an effective strategy to put them on a path to homeownership. We have helped hundreds of other families who thought owning a home was impossible. All we need is an introduction!

Who wants to purchase a home?
If you have appreciated the advice we have given you so far, the best compliment we can receive is a referral to anyone you know or care about that might be interested in becoming a homeowner for the very first time. Maybe they are looking to upgrade or buy a second home, whatever the case my be, we promise to provide the same support and personal service to your friends, family or co-workers!

Who wants to refinance?
We also specialize in refinancing and we would love to help anyone you know from family, friends, neighbors or co-workers benefit from obtaining a lower interest rate and monthly payment. Many homeowners may benefit from utilizing their equity to pay off debt such as car loans, high interest credit cards, personal loans or other high interest debts.


Looking to Remodel Their Home?

Refinancing can help anyone who wants to make their current home their dream home with excellent options available for homeowners who are looking to upgrade and remodel through cash-out refinancing!

May we contact them?

Thanks for referring us!